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Library Etiquette


In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to concentrated work at UP College of Dentistry Library, we ask library users to show consideration to fellow readers by abiding the following guidelines:

Handle all library materials and facilities with care and respect. Please do not make any marks in library materials and facilities, whether in pencil, pen or highlighter.
Mobile phones should be switched to silent mode when in the library. Calls on mobile phones are not allowed so as not to disrupt the quiet environment in the library. Please step out of the library if you need to attend to a call. Speak softly at all times while you are in the library so that you will not disturb other users.
Bags should be left at the Bag Counter. Personal belongings must not be left unattended in the library. The library will not be held responsible for the loss of any valuable item.
To maintain cleanliness and prevent damage to Library print and electronic resources, food and drink are not allowed.
Please clear the litter from your space and make sure all your belongings are collected before you leave the library.
When entering the library, please avoid wearing masks, gloves and lab gowns. Laboratory works inside the library is discouraged.
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